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Apparently I was not actually hit by a truck, just a one-day virus.  I actually feel fairly normal now. 
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Was it a... very messy virus? Because if so, you may have had the thing my mum brought down from NH. :(

Glad you're feeling better now!

Erm, yeah. Plus fever. It does seem to have been going around up here.

I am so sorry. It's a wretched thing all around. I'm hoping I haven't picked it up, since I'm heading home today and (have to drive) am going to be seeing several people in the next few days who will be getting on planes shortly. I would feel pretty bad to propagate this further!

Ooh, I hope you haven't! Though at least it seems to have been genuinely a 24-hour bug.

I seem to have someone escaped that with only a day of unhappy crappy crampiness. Unfortunately, my sinus infection of two weeks ago appears to have somehow revived itself and be settling into my chest. Not sure how that makes ANY logical sense, but there you go. On the way to the doctor now.

Hope all is well for you!

Glad to hear you're feeling better!

Much better, thank you! I hope you're surviving what I hear is not so nice weather on your side of the pond...

I've not had any problems at all: I got out of Heathrow just before they closed. I'm in a big town where I can walk to anything I need, or take the bus. Main streets and bike paths are plowed, and my flat is warm. I'm having a much better time than many of my UK friends right now. But then, Sweden is much better equipped to deal with snow than Britain is (2 inches = panic and utter chaos).

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