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Dear Sanctuary Santa
(No longer a placeholder!)  

I love the Five in any era, and am fascinated by the sexual tension between Helen, John, James, and Nikola, but I'd love a story that focused on James/John, James/Nikola, or even John/James/Nikola.  I'm happy with any level of relationship from UST to elaborately explicit sex, but if that's not something you can do, give me an adventure among - well, they're something like friends.  Sometimes.  Or Nikola's schemes are always entertaining...  There's so much to play with here - mad science! Abnormals! history! Helen Magnus! - that it's hard to go wrong. 

If you're interested in what I've written, you can find my stories here.  I tend to write dark and violent, but I read and enjoy a wide range of story types.  I like complicated relationships, I like banter (Nikola may be an acquired taste, but I've acquired it), I like Victorian mad science, I like dark and edgy and I like romance.  As far as the Five go, I'm easy.  If you have fun and write something you love, I'll happily follow along.  :-)


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