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AO3 Mess Question
Can someone link me to any posts from lim's supervisor(s) and/or members of the Board in which they offer to share, or take, responsibility for the failed deploy?

Many thanks.

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Again, thanks. I have much thinking to do.

So Hele was the board chair who has stepped down from the board? (I'm getting the whole story though bits and pieces and am definitely still missing parts)

It is confusing, I know! No -- the board chair over the last year was Allison Morris. She and Hele Braunstein are both stepping down one year before their terms are up, for personal reasons. (Hele has said publicly that she's discovered she doesn't have the time/energy to finish university while being on the board; if Allison has spoken/written publicly about her reasons for departure, I haven't heard them.)

So Hele Braunstein is a - college student? Graduate student? And was managing the volunteers in charge of coding?

edited to clarify tenses, sorry

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I'm not sure whether Hele's a grad student or an undergrad.

Each Board member serves as liaison to one or more committees; it's the liaison's job to try to help ensure that the committees understand the Board's priorities and needs, and vice versa. Hele has been serving as the Board liaison to AD&T (Accessibility, Design, and Technology -- the Archive coding team) and to Support (the committee which handles user support requests.) So she's the conduit between those two committees and the Board; it's her job to make sure the Board knows what's happening on those committees, and to make sure the committee members have the support and assistance of the Board, that kind of thing.

I'm sure she would be happy to answer questions personally if you wanted to leave her a comment or send her a PM.

Thanks. I may contact her, though I suspect more questions from someone not involved would not be particularly kind or useful.

Thanks! This is helpful.

Did one of the candidates (Lucy?) drop out of the running? Do we have any info on that?

Nevermind, found the answer to my own question!

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