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Sanctuary Santa Reveal - Armistice Day
"Armistice Day," written for artaxastra in the sanctuary_santa gift exchange.
Helen/John/James, rated NC-17, 5900 words.

All of the Five fight the Great War in their own way. Armistice may break them.

Read it at AO3.

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A couple of people guessed I wrote this one, and I was honored because I assumed it was either you or artaxastra. The idea that I could be confused for either of your writing styles was... humbling. :D

Thank you! I should have guessed "Snow Globe" was yours - I love the way you write Kate, and I love the way you captured the shape of an episode in such a concise story - but I never would have guessed "The Old Hometown and Streets I Knew." It felt like something different and I couldn't think who might have done it - though, actually, now that I think about it, it has some of the feel of the Riley Parra stories, kind of? It's really good - yay for surprises and more fine writing! :-)

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Aww, yes! I was surprised more people didn't attach me to Snow Globe right away. It was less of a surprise that only a few people got the other one. ;-D It really is Riley-esque now that I think about it!

I was amused the morning I woke up and I had a notification of kudos from you on "Old Hometown," and then you guessed another story as mine on my post. ;-D

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*snerk* Those pesky commas, they get me every time.... ;-)

(Deleted comment)
They really do! And it was a nice mix of contemporary cast and Five-centric stories - something for everyone!

I knew it was you! I did I did I did!

I had a feeling you wouldn't be all that surprised! :-)

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