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Maybe this is the explanation
This morning, when I was walking the dog, I realized that her "OMGSQUIRREL" noise is "Heru'ur Heru'ur" so maybe she's trying to tell me something.

Or maybe I've just watched too much SG-1.

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The squirrels are softening us up in preparation for the invasion?

The dog is convinced the invasion has already happened. I'm not hearing skittering noises overhead, though, so we may be all right.

...we had squirrels in the attic when I was a kid. They're totally in charge of that state, no lie.

We had flying squirrels in the walls for a while when I was a kid. You never knew what you were going to find when you grabbed for your slippers in the morning....

Ours were flying squirrels too. I have experience in catching them by hand! Mice, also. Oh, country living...

You may have just watched too much SG-1 at once! *g*

The dog would like me to believe that the squirrels are going to leap on me out of the trees and burrow into the back of my neck, turning me into one of them and incidentally depriving her of food. Permanently.

She assures me that she will keep me safe.

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