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After the massive nor'easter yesterday and last night, I've lost power, along with approximately 299,999 of my friends and neighbors.  The day job does have power, and heat, and, most importantly, coffee, so I am there and stealing a few moments to whine inform people that I may or may not be getting anything done for a while.

It was pretty amazing this morning when I walked the dog:  there were some big trees down, a couple of fences blown over, a whole herd of random trash cans and recycling bins trapped up against a neighbor's porch, and a shattered window in the middle of the road.  That last was particularly disconcerting because there weren't any missing windows in any nearby houses.  I'm hoping it was trash that just blew down the road rather than a window from several blocks away....

To be honest, it's not nearly as bad as the last time, starting with the fact that it's not icy and it's not all that cold.  But I would really like to have the power back tonight....

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Oh, dear! I hope they get your power back on soon.

God, I hope so. At least I have gas stove so I can cook, but I have only minimal hot water and no heat - and I found out last year in the ice storm that there's no way to bypass the thermostat on the furnace. I can last about 40 hours like this....

Argh! I'm sorry you're without power! I hope you get it back soon!

I so hope so.... The pronouncements from the utility company aren't promising (they're saying "be prepared for several days") but I'm hoping they're being overcautious after the storm last year. Otherwise I'll have to camp out with the in-laws down in Boston!

Brrr. I hope you get your power back!

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