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We've had some rain. Rather a lot of rain, actually. So much rain that even the turtles that live in the pond are a little tired of the wet.


(Yes, that greyish blob perched precariously on top of the tree limb is in fact a turtle.  Probably a Florida cooter, which is just too good a name not to share.)

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This is the second time I've heard of cooter turtles this week! The first time was a two-headed one that was born in a zoo.

Insert "Two-headed cooter" joke here. ;D

It's so weird when that happens, isn't it? I'm told that there are river cooters and Florida cooters in the area, and, since this is a pond and not a river, they're probably the Floridian variety.

I'm not going there with the "two-headed cooter" jokes! (See icon :-)

Hehheh... a tree climbing turtle. How ace. :)

The turtles in the pond here are truly awesome! There are the cooters and then there are snapping turtles, which are enormous. When the weather is better, they all crawl out on various downed tree trunks and sun themselves, and if another turtle is in the spot they want, they just position themselves on top of the first arrival.

I... may have spent some time observing the turtles.

Nothing wrong with turtle watch, say I. I spend time watching birds, or cats, or whatever animal stumbles across my path that I can spy on. :) It's all good.

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