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This Was a Good Move
I've again had proof that I live in a nice place.  I was walking the dog at noon, and she slipped off the edge of the sidewalk. (She is very old and shaky in the hind end and this happens periodically.)  So I picked her up and got her stabilized, and while I was doing that one of the teenage boys from the other end of my building crossed the parking lot to see if she was all right and if I needed any help with her.

No, but the offer was really appreciated.

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How amazing. Nice to have good neighbors. Even better when they are kids who prove to be good people.

Most of my neighbors are nice folks, particularly the people in my building, who are the ones I've had most contact with. And the kids in general seem to be a good bunch.

I'm so glad that the teenaged boys in your building / neighborhood / locale are gracious and kind. That is entirely as it should be. :-)

Sometimes, it's good to be reminded people are actually pretty decent.

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