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This is where the other half will be posted.  If you're interested, please reply in comments so I can add you to the filter.

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Hi - I'm on your coauthor's filter, so I'd be very interested in reading your half as well. I'm the one reader who's into it with having seen just one random SGA episode and a scattered handful of SG-1 episodes :)

Yeah, that's how I got started, too! :-) You're in!

I'd love to read the other half of the story :)

Hi, your co-author sent me. *g* I'd like to opt in, please! Like bwinter, I'm a reader with minimal knowledge of the shows (in fact, I've never seen a single episode) but I've been enjoying reading her stories and look forward to yours, as well.

In an ideal world, this will all make sense without having seen the show. (Except, of course, for the obscure canon references in the piece I just posted.... *sigh* ) But welcome!

*raises hand* I'd like to opt in, thank you.


Me, please. (I'm about to add you to my flist for this very reason.) Thank you kindly!

Me, please? Pretty please?

Yes please! Here from artaxastra's journal.

I was pointed here by your co-author, and I'd love to be added to the filter.

Hi, also pointed here by your co-author, I'd also love to be on the filter!

*points to above comments*

Ditto. If possible, I'd really love to be on the filter.

I'm here by way of artaxastra's LJ - would love to be on the filter :-)

I would like to be added to the filter.

Hi, could you put me on the filter please? I'm intrigued by the story so far.

Would you add me to the filter, please? Thank you!

(Deleted comment)
Hi, longtime LJ lurker here hoping it's not too late to be added to the filter? I'm a big Legacy fan and found my own way here from a related LJ :)

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