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I see such trouble here....
I had to buy dog food this afternoon, and since I also had to pick up another 5-pack of ultra-fine point pens (which do less than I hope to improve my handwriting, but hope springs eternal), so I swung into the big-box pet supply place next door to Staples.  They didn't have the food I wanted, but, they did have this:


This is Baby, and the picture doesn't do her justice.  She was in the NH SPCA's adopt-a-kitty cart - an old circus popcorn wagon converted to a cat condo, with a couple of sleeping ledges and lots of room to be cute and adoptable.  When I walked by, she was up on the lower ledge, and when she saw me coming, she rolled onto her back and stretched, inviting a tummy rub - and promptly fell off the perch.  She picked herself up, shook the water off her hind paw (which had landed in her water dish), and proceeded daintily to eat.  Clearly, this was what she'd intended all along.

If she'd been listed as good with dogs, I probably would have walked out with her....
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She is adorable. I would not be able to resist her little face.

Yeah. I've already checked her out on the website. I do not need another cat!

Course you do. And I'm sure she can be good with dogs!

Actually, it's the dog I worry more about. She's old and set in her ways. But, oh, Baby is cute!

Oh she's adorable! Look at that little face! And such poise and presence! ;)

And grace and dexterity, too! :-)

Oh, her little face! So adorable oh em gee.

*hides eyes so as not to be any more tempted*

One can never have too many cats - just not enough house. ;) So says the one with the Crazy Cat Lady action figure that comes with eight cats. :) Sadly they are just as plastic as the action figure, but I have two real kitties that make up for that, one of them in my icon. :)

{Reaches through monitor and scritches kitty}

We had 4 at one time, which is the maximum for this house. Time and age have brought it down to 1 cat and 1 dog; the cat is fairly young, though exact age is unknown, and the dog is getting to be quite an old lady. I don't know how she'd do with a new cat in the house....

And now I show off my other kitty when he was a baby in this icon. :)

Growing up there was one time we had 22 cats at one time. Our three adult females all had their litters in the space of a week, and our one adult male was decidedly outnumbered by the 18 little ones. It was funny to watch all of the kitties when Mom would take the pot liquor - broth from the green beans and potatoes seasoned with ham most times - out after Sunday lunch for the kitties to enjoy. Such loud eating! :)

When I got Ferodir (see icon), I didn't know that in a few months I would lose my 20-21 year old kitty Tammy. She handled him fairly well though. He was trying to play with her one day and she simply put her paw on his shoulder and pushed him down without a meow as if to say, "Down boy, you're bothering me." Some older animals can handle the young ones, some don't handle them quite as well. Feline or canine, they're all individuals. :)

Vixen was very much Lisa's dog, and she only tolerates me because Lisa told her to. She's mostly deaf now, which makes change difficult. (Lisa was foresightful enough to teach her hand signals, but, alas, the dog also has cataracts....)

Your iconic kitties are completely adorable!!


I want a cat. But with my lifestyle right now, just no. Want, but... no. *bites lip* It's hell, being responsible.

Baby's so cute. And the whole act was just calculated to get my attention....

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