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More tricks than treats
Friday I was taking the dog to the kennel, and stepped up one small step, and - I thought my knee exploded.  It was several minutes before I could trust it to take my weight (and all the while the dog was circling me trying to figure out what the heck was the delay, and were we maybe going home and not abandoning her after all), and by the time I got the dog squared away I knew I needed to get to the doctor.  (This is the same knee that has never been right since I hurt it fencing back in college.)  Luckily, I was able to get an appointment almost right away, and after Dr. S. poked around and moved my leg in various excruciatingly painful ways, she opined that the patten of shrieks and whimpers indicated a torn medial meniscus.  Nothing can be done about this until the acute phase is past, at which point it's either an MRI or an orthopedic appointment, and maybe arthroscopic surgery.  In the meantime, I should rest, ice it, and take percocet.  Oh, and it probably isn't safe for me to drive, because the knee could lock or fail unpredictably.

You remember I was taking the dog to the kennel?  That was in preparation for a 5-day vacation, one that requires a 4-hour drive to get there.  Through heavy traffic and then winding country roads.  Yeah.  Not a good idea.  So, no vacation, though at least the dog's being at the kennel already means I don't have to walk her, and that is a big relief.  And at least I already have the time off from work, because I don't think I'm going to be able to go in tomorrow, either.

But the kicker?  Dr. S. suggested that I get a flu shot while I was there, which seemed like a good idea.  So yesterday I spent flat on my back feeling like I had the flu.

Oh, and I used up the last of the real coffee this morning.

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I am so sorry! I don't think I live close enough to bring you coffee, or else I totally would.

Hope the acute pain phase passes *fast*.

Oh, thank you! A friend with caffeine is a friend indeed! Actually, a fellow addict has promised to bring me a pound of the good stuff this afternoon, so I think I'm ok on that front.

I'm sorry! That sounds all kind of unpleasant.

Yeah. I mean, I've done this before, and Percocet gives me interesting dreams, but - all in all, I'd rather not.

I'm so sorry! I hope your knee feels better. I'd give you coffee if I were within reach!

(It's Jerry, I tell you. Jerry.)

It's getting better, I can tell that. But - not fun!

And I could stand not to be channeling Jerry just at the moment! *g*

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