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Hiatus is a evil word
The scream you heard last night coming from the general direction of New England was me at the end of last night's episode of Sanctuary.  I had forgotten what it was like to follow on-going canon.

One more reason to be eager for April.

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I haven't gotten to watch it yet. *bites fingernails*

*wrings hands, just for good measure*

Save those fingernails. You'll need them. *g*

Don't get me wrong, it's good (well, except maybe for an effect, though the dialogue around it almost saves it) but - is it April yet?

Just watched it!

Boy, are they in trouble. (And, oh, John. Impulsive much?)

How the hell are they going to get out of this one? And, yeah, John was a tad - quick off the mark there. I am assuming Nikola will think of something...?

I'm hoping Nikola will, but the trick for him is going to be getting to the Himalayas in less than several days, or else coming up with something he can do long-distance. Presumably everyone who was executed will have to be revived, of course -- they can't really slaughter their entire cast -- but they're still in a world of trouble.

And, oh, John! Not only do you trust Adam, you go off without packing anything. Radio? Supplies? A gun? Anything? But, no, it's "I'll just run off with the clothes on my back to save Helen. Leaving the genius scientist who might actually be able to figure out how the city's technology works, but taking the raving madman." Gallant, but not exactly well-thought-out.

Yeah, I'm assuming that they're not going to kill off the main cast, thugh I am very curious to see how the hell they're going to get them out of that situation.

As for Nikola, I wouldn't put anything past him - something clever with the map, maybe? but, no, this was not a shining example of John's thinking things through. (Although, to be fair, he didn't take Nikola into the trap with him? No, I'm not convinced, either.)

Yeah, I mean, it's good that he didn't take Nikola into the trap with him -- but, really, I think he just took off without thinking it through at all.

Although I have to say that it's interesting that Nikola actually does manage to talk John down from doing whatever damn thing comes into his head several times in this episode. They really are friends, in some complicated way ...

Yeah, I have to agree, John wasn't exactly making the most considered choices here. And trusting Adam is clearly a very, very bad idea.

And you're right, Nikola does have more influence over John than you'd expect. (On this viewing, I think the scenes with Nikola and John dealing with Adam are my favorites - unless it's the scenes with Helen and Will on the "subway" when Will really does know better.)

eeeee. I won't see it until tonight. Is it good?

Oh, yeah. Just... a cliffhanger!

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