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OK, those of you who are better with winter than I am have full permission to laugh, but.... There's a 3-foot tall wind-sculpted snowdrift outside my back door.  Very pretty, but the dog won't go past it - reasonably enough, since she's only about 20 inches at the shoulder.  The front porch is swept clean by the same wind, but that wind also blew open the front door and finished off the already damaged storm door.  (I have the name of a guy to call to replace it:  he's the former son-in-law of the recommender, which I figure has got to say good things about his craftsmanship.) Oh, and the city hasn't plowed the driveways to the lot where I left my car overnight.  (I have no off-street parking.)  While the drifts blocking the driveways aren't as spectacular as the ones at home, they're still deeper than my Civic can swim through.  I could take a shovel over there and dig, but...  I think I'll just stay home.
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You could! You could just stay home and have another cup of coffee and put your feet up with some porn.

Yep, I think that's my plan for the day! *g*

Oh, I support the staying hone thing. I am a big fan of staying home. Staying inside when it's snowy and cold out is one of the great pleasures in life!

Also: hi! Sorry I have been a disappeared flake for quite some time. I'm wretchedly bad like that. ♥?

Yeah, this is definitely a good day to be inside! (And no worries, life gets like that sometimes. *g*)

These storms are getting mighty old! We're heading into our, what, sixth?, tonight! What a winter, eh?

Commenting here also to say I'd like to be on the Moebius filter, please, if I'm not already! *g*

OMG, I am so ready for spring! Or at least something approaching a thaw. (We get 5-8 inches of snow tomorrow, and 12-18 inches on Wednesday. I am soooo not thrilled!)

Anyway! You're on the filter - and glad to have you!

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