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Last chore of the old year
I feel that I have done my duty as both aunt and sibling this morning!  I went to Toys'R'Us and looked for Disney princess things for my 3-year-old neice, who also really really likes pink. I did not buy:

the Disney princess music set, with drum _and_ maracas
the Disney princess light-up tambourine with special princess sayings when you press the extra buttons
plastic swords, not even pink ones
anything with markers or pots of glitter or glue, especially pink

Instead, I found her a light-up tiara with matching jewelry (yes, the necklace also makes noises, but the batteries will die eventually) and some dress-up clothes, including a tulle skirt (in 3 shades of pink), "glass slippers" (clear plastic with pink heels), and hot pink "velvet" opera gloves. I think she'll enjoy them, and, equally important, her parents won't kill me,.

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You are a good aunt! She will like them, and they do not make noise!

*g* And the light-up tiara is definitely fun!

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