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Sanctuary - Hail and Farewell
This is what I've been doing instead of working, a follow-up to my AU story Choices, in which James accepted Nikola's offer to make him a vampire.  In which James says goodbye.  James/Declan, rated R.

James told himself he went to Declan first because it was more important to arrange his resignation as Head of House than to tell Helen.  Besides, it would take enough of Declan’s time and energy to  handle the turnover that perhaps certain conversations could be delayed long enough for James to decide what he actually wanted to say.  That worked for about eighteen hours.  But finally, as he stood in his suite staring at the accumulated necessities of a hundred and sixty years, he heard the door open and close behind him and knew it couldn’t be put off any longer.

“I don’t see why you have to resign,” Declan said.

James didn’t look up from his suitcase.  He would need new clothes, a whole new wardrobe: everything he currently owned was cut to accomodate the devices’ bulk, and hung too loose without them.  For a moment, he wondered what he would do for money — his finances were inextricably mingled with the Sanctuary’s, for what had seemed to be good reasons — but he put that thought aside.

“Tesla’s price for this was assistance in his private war against the Cabal,” he said. “It seems wisest to insulate that Sanctuary from that as much as possible.”

“Dr. Magnus has already drawn their attention,” Declan said.  “We’re involved.  Besides, you’re not exactly unrecognizable.”

“I believe the modern phrase is ‘plausible deniability,’” James said.

Declan did not correct him. “All right.  But you’re leaving a hell of a mess.”

“It was bound to happen eventually,” James said.

“I thought I might at least get a week or two of lingering illness,” Declan said.  “During which I could badger you for last minute decisions.”

James smiled.  “I can’t say I’m sorry to have missed that.”

“Yes, well.”  Declan paused.

James looked at him, reading the cues of stance and the studious lack of expression, and crossed to the decanters on the sideboard. “This is the last of the 1937 port,” he said.  “I was planning on finishing it before I left.  Would you care to join me, or would you prefer a whiskey?”

Declan considered. “I’d like a taste of the port, for old times’ sake, and then a very stiff whiskey,  Please.”

James forbore comment, and poured the drinks.  He touched his glass to Declan’s, and took a long swallow.  “Helen should get the 1960,” he said.  “It’s maturing to her taste.  Also the 1953.”

“For God’s sake.”

James couldn’t quite repress a smile. It wasn’t fair or kind to tease, but it was hard to resist, caught up as he was in the simple pleasure of being alive and whole again.  And perhaps better than whole, but that way lay danger.

Declan set his glass down with an audible click.  “I was at least hoping for a farewell fuck.”

James caught his breath, a jolt of excitement searing through him.  He hadn’t responded liked that — hadn’t been able to respond like that — in years, and with it came a flash of vampiric hunger.  He wanted to slam Declan to his knees, needed to bury teeth in his throat.  His cock twitched, and his teeth sharpened.  Declan caught his breath

“That’s — disturbingly hot.”

“And a very bad idea.”  James’s voice was thick around half-grown fangs, and he suppressed them with an effort.  He could, just because he wanted to, could do anything he wanted, and there would be nothing Declan could do about it.  Nothing anyone could do.  That was the old conundrum, arousing and terrifying at the same moment, and now he could, in fact, indulge.

Declan took a step closer.  “It’s more or less what I had in mind.”

James flexed his fingers, extending a single delicate claw.  He drew it very gently down the broad plane of Declan’s cheek, the touch too light even to scratch, a needle’s caress against stubbled skin.  “Be very sure.”

Declan closed his eyes, his breath catching just as James had known it would.  “Yeah.”

And that was consent enough, even if he had manipulated it, forced it the way a magician controls the apparently random choice of a card.  “On your knees,” he said, softly, and Declan obeyed.

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Oh, my. Vampire!James is kind of awesome. And awfully hot. (And that is a terrible wicked place to end the scene. *g*)

Edited at 2011-02-25 02:54 pm (UTC)

Thanks! I'm glad you think he's fun. (And I wish I wrote better sex so I didn't have to do the grand fade. More practice, I suppose!)

(Deleted comment)
Thank you!! I think venus flytraps would be perfect. *g* I just can't quite bear to let James go, and this... well, it's certainly something Nikola would do! (And Declan is fun, isn't he?)

Oh man! Vampire!James is hot! I like this so much!

More please? You don't really need to work on that book.... :)

Hee! Thank you, that's serious praise indeed! He is fun, isn't he? And in this AU, the whole Cabal war has to turn out differently....

*shivers* Chilling, and awesome.

I love this AU and vampire!James so much. I hope you'll write more of it. :)

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