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Lost, Stolen, or Strayed...
A friend sent me this, from her local paper in rural Massachusetts:  "Lost, probably at (redacted location, though, really, I don't know why I bother), two mid-sized cannon.  Reward."

I don't know if I'm more startled by the fact that someone has managed to lose a pair of cannon, or that they felt the need to specify the size.

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I'd turn myself in for the award, but the scale insists I'm an oversized cannon.

*snerk* At least they weren't mid-sized canons - of whom I've known a few!

*blinks* How do you lose a pair of cannon? One doesn't usually randomly misplace artillery, surely?

Maybe they specified the size so at least it doesn't look like they've someone mislaid large cannon, which would probably be that little bit extra embarrassing. *grins*

I honestly can't imagine, except to think that quantities of alcohol were probably involved. :-)

This is the kind of situation for which the military invented the answer: "Sir, no excuse, SIR!"

Translation: We'd explain, but honestly, sir, we've no bloody clue. *grins*

Also, random icon love! Chauvelin! *grins* The really ridiculously smarmy version, at that. Hee!

Glad you like! He's my favorite Chauvelin, if only because of how good he looks with his hair loose. I kind of have thing for Napoleonic deshabillé. (which I probably can't spell, either, but then.) Someday I'm going to retell the Scarlet Pimpernel from Chauvelin's pov because it's just not that simple.... :-)

*grins* He's probably my favourite Chauvelin to watch, but also the one I most want to punch in the face. The 1934 version was just so marvellously hammy that you couldn't think it, and generally speaking one doesn't imagine punching Ian McKellan. He's too much gravitas. This Chauvelin, though ... he was human enough to want to punch. *grins*

Very true! I think McKellan's was closest to the books' version, and 1934 was pure ham, all right, whereas this series made all of the characters a bit more - I'm not sure realistic is exactly the word, but human? I wanted to slap Sir Percy a time or 3. *g*

*grins* Sir Percy, I usually want to slap him, and/or pat him on the head. Or grin stupidly at him, when he's doing the 'I won five minutes ago, do pay attention, old chap' thing. Heh.

I haven't actually read the books. Two movies, a TV series and a musical, but not the books. Which I'm vaguely ashamed of, because usually the book is the first thing I look for, no matter what medium introduces me to the canon.

One of the things I liked about the series was that it seemed - well, at least not unreasonable for Percy to distrust Marguerite, because in so many versions the whole thing could be resolved by one simple conversation between the pair of them...

I read the books when I was 12 or 13, and enjoyed them, but the last time I tried - they didn't hold up as well as other adventures from the same period. You might be better off with just the the other media, imho.

Seen on the highway yesterday: "Lost turtle. Reward."

I've been wondering ever since exactly how a turtle runs away from home.

You can tell me that your dog ran away
Then you tell me that it took three days...

I'm singing the Lovestruck Turtle Blues? :-)

Very carefully? (Maybe it was an Abnormal turtle, and it stole the cannon for revenge...)

I did see someone walking their pet turtle on a leash, once. I guess if it was a snapper it could bite the lead and make a lunge for the nearest drainage ditch?

How does one lose cannon, and know probably where they lost them? If someone calls and tells them they've found two cannon, do they ask the ad writer to describe the cannon to confirm the validity of ownership?

I am utterly at a loss. Except for the suspicion that, as my local newspaper puts it, "alcohol was a factor."

(And now I'm imagining the cops' faces if it wasn't the same cannon.)

...horrifyingly, I am picturing my small, rural New England hometown and... yup. I can sort of see how this might happen...

They should start by checking the commons of their local high school's rival towns. Right?

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