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Mysteries of the Masons
As I was brushing my teeth this morning, I heard bagipes, and, of course, went to see what it was about. Peeking out the back door, I saw the pipers, followed by two gentlemen in impeccable eveningwear and bicorns topped with snowy feathers - and then a banner announcing that this was the local Masonic lodge, and finally the entire membership of the lodge, in tuxes and Masonic aprons.  At 8:15 AM on a Sunday morning.

I have no idea what they were celebrating - is it St. John's Day? They're St. John's Lodge - but it was kind of cool and mysterious and, all in all, Masonic.

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It is St. John's day! And that sounds like an entertaining way to wake up.

It was that! (And here they come again, marching back to the lodge. I missed the guys in zouave outfits the first time.) I'm taking "St. John's Day" as the explanation, or maybe just "Masons."

Mystery procession is mysterious! And so very Masonic. *g* Cool.

I'm pretty sure the actual explanation is less amusing than the ones I've made up so far. But it was cool.

I'm pretty sure the actual explanation is less amusing than the ones I've made up so far.

Hee! Well, yeah. *g*

I thought the teeth-brushing set up was going to lead to radio signals coming from your fillings. ;-D We all need a little cool and mysterious to start our days. Unfortunately the mysteries that start my day are usually "Can I fall back to sleep fast enough to make it worthwhile before my alarm goes off" and "when the HELL is he going to shut off that alarm?!?!"

Hee! I like bagpipes well enough, but the idea of pipe music resounding from my fillings - not so appealing, really! ;-)

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Who knows, indeed? I'm completely at sea, though at least I'm having fun making up explanations. And it was fun to watch!

Masons! So mysterious!

(Less mysterious out here, where they get me to do all their photocopying and they have all the secret words pencilled in on the scripts.)

Ooooh! A source of secrets! I could call a friend, whose husband belongs to this lodge, and find out what it was all about, but that would spoil the fun. :-)

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