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It's a Pirate-y Day in the Neighborhood
On my way back from yoga this morning, I saw a woman pulling two little girls in a big plastic wagon.  Both kids were in pink and ruffles (which is how I am fairly sure they were girls), and one of them was holding up a "mast" with a sheet tacked to it and the Jolly Roger flying proudly above it, while the other was brandishing a plastic scimitar, probably from Aladdin.


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There's a chance I would have saluted that if I'd seen it. :D Kudos to the mom for not insisting the girls had to play princesses!

My niece has been known to be a pink sparkly pirate princess! With a tiara and a tutu! And the family dog (a pug) as her henchman...

I think there's a kids book in there somewhere. ;-D "Dastardly Darla and the Treasure of Pine Avenue"

Arrrr matey! Those sound like Martian Girls! Arrr!

*grins* Oh, that's awesome! Heh. Awesome kids.

I was quite obsessed with pirates around that age, actually. A fact for which the blames lies entirely with two cartoons: Sandokan, and The Pirates of Dark Water. Heh. Good times, good times ...

Oh, so adorable and fierce! *battens down hatches*

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