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Random Sanctuary Thought
So I've watched the sneak peak for Tempus a couple of times now, and now that I'm over the unholy glee of seeing Helen in near-Requiem mode - is that Spring-Heeled Jack on the roof at the end?  Spring-Heeled Jack is a Victorian monster, entirely suited for Sanctuary (I used him in a story of my own).  He was reported to leap out of the shadows and accost young women, and escape by leaping over fences as high as 9 feet, from a standing start.  He was described as having an inhuman face and glowing eyes, clawed hands and strange white leathery skin and breathed fire. Barring the fire-breathing, that sounds like the creature Helen sees there at the end, and she does say, "Hello, Jack."

But what in the world are they going to do with Spring-Heeled Jack?

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That was my thought, too. But I have no idea what that has to do with anything either ...

More monsters? It shows up another time in one of the trailers, I think.

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I wondered if it was the same shot.

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That makes sense! But WTF? And is he following Helen -- or John?

That's actually an interesting question, because Jack the Ripper was briefly known as Spring-Heeled Jack. Maybe it's annoyed at John for stealing his name?

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