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Available from Amazon:  Marshal Joachim Murat mouse pad.


I just don't know.

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(Deleted comment)
I think it's just dandy!

(That joke is less clever being that I had to look him up on Wikipedia ;-D)

(Deleted comment)
Hee! He designed that uniform himself, you know. ;-)

Well, I figured. A collar that high has got to be custom-made. ;-D

I think Helen's expression there says it all. :-)

But don't you think that looking at his bright and shining face would inspire you?

... no, me neither.

Maybe some people like the idea of running a mouse over him??? But you still have to have it on your desk.

Yeah, there's a certain appeal to scribbling on his little face. But, no.

(As montebello says, probably there are Murat fans, as opposed to anti-fans. I just haven't actually met any of them.)

OMG. That? Is awesome!

I wish I'd had it for my office when I was in grad school.....

I'd want a guillotine-shaped mouse to roll over these.

Might be a bit hard on the fingers, though. :-)


And doesn't he know it! :-)

Wow. I think some people actually like Murat? Like he's their favorite?

Which... yeah. I just don't get it, myself.

No..... I couldn't stand to look at him all day.... Noooooo.

No. Just... no. Those curls! :-)

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