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Tonight's Sanctuary Episode
No spoilers, but... This may be my favorite episode this season.

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I don't know about that, but this episode - from the very start - had me saying they were 4.5 for 5 this season. :D

What prompted you to post? I'm about to post my thoughts. :D

Erm. I just got all excited. :-) awesome episode, though!

Heee, no worries. I tried to think of a single thing that would have prompted this comment and I couldn't even hazard a guess. So that makes sense! I almost filled up my scratch paper trying to quote all the lines I liked. :D

Yeah, there were so many good lines - your review got most of them, I think, and I definitely think that a nice tryst with Charlotte has to have mellowed Helen out. ;-). Omg, Nikola! And Henry! And Biggie and Will!

And it seems like there has been a lot of time between all five of these episodes (enough time for Helen to heal) so... how long did she hang out? ;-D And yes! Nikola kicked ass, and I really surprisingly loved Will! He and Biggie were an awesome team. :D

Charlotte is clearly good for her! :-) it was just really satisfying.

Heee, yes. :D

And I agree! I hope they bring her back but, until they do, I'll just believe she's got a room somewhere in the Sanctuary doing research science for the team. ;-D

I'm with you there! Because you definitely need as many badass biologists as you can get for the Sanctuary.

Rebuilding her network of contacts from people she knows she can trust... it just makes sense. And I have a fic to that effect brewing under my NaNo nonsense. ;-D

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